"I" have chose you and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain.Amen. John 15:16.!

About "J.P.K."Family

My Beloved Readers of the God Jesus Family!

"J" means Jesus! And My Family Surname "J" Means Jujjavarapu.
"P" means Peaceful! And My First Name "P" Means Praveen.
"K" means Kingdom! And My Last Name "K" Means Kumar.

"Jesus Peaceful Kingdom!(J.P.K)" and Jujjavarapu Praveen Kumar (J.P.K)! Family Welcomes you and your family members into The Kingdom Of God.

About Me ( Jujjavarapu Praveen Kumar.):-

Man of God: J.Praveen Kumar (J.P.K).

In the year 1998, When I was in 18 years old, God Jesus called me with my real name as "Praveen" Praveen" "Praveen" 3 times while I was in sleeping at the midnight time and I woke up , I saw who was calling me but I found nothing and no man was there in my sleeping room and after that same sweet Voice calling me again as "Praveen" Praveen" Praveen" 3 times but this time I was unable to open my eyes and unable to woke up from my bed but God Jesus opened my Spiritual eyes and showed this sentence which was written on the Bible as " "I" will give Strenght and Power to you." And after that I told about this Voice calling and Vision to my Parents and they told to me that this calling was from true God Jesus Only and HE chosen you for HIS glorious Purpose so go and be obedient to the Lord Jesus and follow HIS instrustions. My Partents were also told me that many Pastors and Prophets told about you as God Jesus uses your son for HIS purpose and great Mission when we ask about you.

In April 21st, 1998, I was Baptized and from that onwards God Jesus teaches me many things but due to Satanic influence and Worldly Friends I was fallen in this Murky Wordly things and I neglected HIS calling and I left HIM completely until the year 2008.

On 9th, June in the year 2008, I married Sireesha Rani without GodJesus direction and my wife and of her family background is completely Hinduism. After one month of my marriage life, troubles were started in my marriage life without any reason but only due to from the demonic attacks in my family and my wife behaviour was completely different whenever we started to Pray. My wife activities and her movements was always showed like Demonic manifestatin so I asked many famous Pastors and Prophets help for her delieverance but no change in her life and Finally I noticed HIS calling and rememberd the God Jesus and I obeyed every sin, repented completely in front of HIM with 40 days fasting prayer, during that Fasting Prayer time, God Jesus showed the Vision with Big Letters as " THE KINGDOM OF GOD" and I asked HIM about what is The Kingdom Of God and then God Jesus spoke to me in the Voice form as" "I" will use you to build many Churches in "MY" Name." and again God Jesus spoke to me in HIS Voice form as " Pray for India". And I understood the purpose of HIS calling and why HE chosen me. And My wife Sireesha Rani delievered by the Holy Spirit touch at the end of my 40 days Fasting Prayer. All the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ always. Amen.!

God Jesus wants Me and Uses me with HIS direction to finish what HE started in/with me For HIS glory always.Amen.!

About Me ( Jujjavarapu Sireesha Rani.):-

Women of God :J.Sireesha Rani.

I am Jujjavarapu Sireesha Rani, w/o Jujjavarapu Praveen Kumar.
I was hearing about Jesus via Sound System way when I walking on the Church roads and When Christian people conducted the Public Meetings but I knew that God Jesus is also the one God amoung many Gods in India. But I did not know about God Jesus more than this but only after my marriage with Jujjavarapu Praveen Kumar, I came to know about Jesus is the only real loving God and rest of the gods were created and spread by the Satan and of its darkness kingdom.

I was growing in very undeveloped, remote village areas at where all of my people and village people are the worshippers of the different gods/idols in different ways in South India, so Satan and Demons attacked me and generational curses followed me but God Jesus only delievered me after I married the Jujjavarapu Praveen Kumar who was chosen, called, appointed by the Lord Jesus to fullfill HIS calling under the Holy Spirit leading always.

I thank My God Jesus for HE delievered me, chosen me and appointed me to do HIS will along with my husband Jujjavarapu Praveen Kumar.

I love to worship, I love to Pray for the Wounded and I love to lead the Children's in God's direction way for HIS glorious purpose.

God Jesus placed the too much compassionate heart in my heart so I always love to help the needy people like orphans children's, widows, widowers, old-aged and different types of sick people and wounded people.

I thank My God Jesus always for HE blessed me with a good husband and He always helps me to reach HIGHER Spiritually and also God gave us two handsome children's Jessey Joy and Jasper Jireh and My little children's are also with us always in HIS Mission works wherever we go for The Lord Jesus Christ.

Let HIS Love, Grace and Protection covers all of us for HIS glroy in Jesus name We Pray Amen.